The coffee house is the place where all the fine work of selection and roasting of the beans is enhanced and bettered by the encounter with the client. Here coffee estimators and lovers can taste not only the beverage, but a unique atmosphere. Professionalism, ideas, passion, and style: those are the fundamental elements behind the success of a coffeehouse project.


Our goal is to offer a menu that includes more than the generic “espresso”, a selection of coffees of different origins, explaining the composition of the various blends; introduce a 100% Arabica flanked by an Arabica and Robusta blend to taste and appreciate the differences.  The menu must be able to play with the coffee selection, pairing it up with spices and aromas, chocolate and cream. This is our way to spread the idea of coffee in a fashion that is easy, immediate and, why not?, amusing.


The furniture of the cafeteria reflects the artistic inclinations of its creators, more than the price of the materials it is made of.  Just like our coffee, it shouldn’t necessarily be expensive but surely cosy and able to convey our values, to tell a story. Not precious because it’s pricy, but precious because it was built with ideas and passion…quite like the difference there is between a luxury hotel room and one’s home.

It mustn’t weight on the balance sheet for years: it has to be able to repay itself in a short time.


The professionalism and the passion of the people working in the cafe really make the difference. It’s all about knowing the product and being able to tell its story, brew it with attention, continuity and responsibility. Work in team, be proactive, and find joy in experimenting a shared experience with the costumer.

We have found all this in Chef Fabrizio Mantovani, in Faenza, discovering that his values are just like ours. We have now the pleasure to be working on new coffee house projects.