The Origins


Venice and the coffee have a profound and indissoluble relation: it’s here that in 1624 the first charge of coffee from Arabia arrived to the Mediterranean, together with silks, spices and perfumes. And it’s in Venice that in 1600 the first Bottega del Caffè opened its doors, initiating a fashion and a lifestyle that would last forever.

It seems like a strange coincidence that between‘500 and ‘600 coffee was known in Europe as “cavè” (from the Turkish ‘khave’).

That was coffee was called by French damsels, Italian botanists and Carlo Goldoni, too. Today we say ‘caffè’, but for our brand “ca’vè caffè” we wanted to recover an ancient term and also to picture the inspired combination of ‘caffè’ and ‘Venice’.


We make coffee. We make it in Venice, where the story of Coffee as we know it, was born. The experience, the research and the competence have joined in a project that lives and breathes in the lagoon city, where all the production and logistics of Ca’Vè Caffè is based. The realization of a short production chain means efficiency in the service and synchronicity with the client: roasting plant, warehouses, ships for the delivery, technical assistance and consulting are close to each other and to the client, in order to guarantee continuity in quality and that spontaneity in relations that we cherish so much.


A learned, artisan approach. Estimating the personal connections as a priority, Ca’Vè Caffè fulfils the whole productive chain with this values in mind, focusing on the people, on individuals, on the team. We have always constructed direct, personal relations with the producers of our coffee: (in Brazil, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Colombia, Tanzania, Cistercian, Guatemala and India), to guarantee the quality and continuity in purchasing the raw materials.