We are pursuing a small revolution: Ca’Vè Caffè’s production and services begin in Venice, while until today they arrived to the island from the land. It’s an important difference. A truly shot production chain puts in contact the producer, the logistic and technical services, and the client: this proximity generates the efficiency and the empathy with the costumer, with whom we share the excitement and the everyday small difficulties as well


If you enjoyed our coffee in Venice and would like to taste your favourite blend everyday at home, we are happy to mail it wherever you are, doing our best to reduce the shipping costs.

Please choose your favourite blend and order here…


Ca’Vè Caffè honours Venice with a line of products aimed to keep our magical city in the heart of everyone who visits and loves it.

All the infos are available at the website www. Cafè Venezia .it

In the section “Find us in Venice” there is an interactive map of Venice with many of the restaurants and cafès where you will be served our special coffees…come visit us!